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Research within the Education Gateway System

Research within the Education Gateway system is a cornerstone of its mission to enhance educational collaboration and innovation. Through robust research endeavors, the Education Gateway system seeks to address key challenges, identify emerging trends, and generate knowledge that informs policy and practice in the field of education.

The Education Gateway system facilitates interdisciplinary research collaborations, fostering partnerships between academia, industry, and government entities. These collaborations often focus on a wide range of topics, including pedagogical approaches, curriculum development, educational technology, assessment methodologies, and equity in education.

By promoting research excellence and knowledge exchange, the Education Gateway system contributes to the advancement of evidence-based practices and the continuous improvement of educational systems. Research findings are disseminated through conferences, publications, and online platforms, enabling stakeholders to access and apply relevant insights to their contexts.

Moreover, the Education Gateway system encourages capacity building initiatives, such as research training programs and funding opportunities, to support researchers in enhancing their skills and capabilities. By nurturing a vibrant research ecosystem, the Education Gateway system catalyzes innovation, fosters collaboration, and ultimately drives positive transformation in education.


This platform is the meeting point for all stakeholders in the school education sector – school staff, researchers, policymakers – to find news, interviews, publications, practice examples, courses and partners for their Erasmus+ projects. Find out about the latest updates and Questions & Answers on the platform development.

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