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Pak-UK Education Gateway

The Pak-UK Education Gateway is a collaborative initiative between Pakistan and the United Kingdom aimed at fostering educational partnerships and exchanges between institutions in both countries. It facilitates cooperation in various areas such as student mobility, faculty exchange programs, joint research projects, and curriculum development.

Through the Pak-UK Education Gateway, students and educators can benefit from opportunities to study abroad, engage in cross-cultural learning experiences, and access resources and support to enhance the quality of education in both nations. This initiative helps strengthen the ties between Pakistan and the UK while promoting educational excellence and innovation.

The British Council and Higher Education Commission (HEC) Pakistan have recently unveiled a groundbreaking initiative: the Pak-UK Education Gateway program. This collaborative effort aims to bolster partnerships between the higher education sectors of Pakistan and the UK. Within this framework, several key areas of collaboration have been identified, including innovative research ventures, higher education leadership initiatives, quality assurance measures, distance learning opportunities, international mobility programs, and transnational education initiatives.

The Pak-UK Education Gateway program builds upon the rich tapestry of existing collaborations between the UK and Pakistan facilitated by the British Council and Higher Education Commission over the past fifteen years. These collaborations have spanned various domains, from knowledge exchange and leadership development programs to student and teacher training, scholarships, and research collaborations.

This program aligns with the ambitious goals outlined in HEC’s Vision 2025, aiming to increase gross higher education enrollment by 15%, PhD faculty by 40%, the number of universities to 300, and total enrollment to 7.1 million.

Notably, the British Council, in partnership with HEC, has already facilitated partnerships between 160 Pakistani universities and 65 UK institutions, fostering 160 research links involving over 1000 researchers from both countries. These collaborations are instrumental in advancing sustainable development goals and building institutional capacity.

In 2018, the British Council and HEC organized six roundtable discussions in prominent UK cities, including London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Bath, Belfast, and Cardiff. These events garnered significant interest from the UK higher education sector, with over 100 representatives from 40 institutions and UK bodies engaging with the Pakistani delegation. The overwhelmingly positive response from both sectors underscores a shared commitment to nurturing long-term strategic relationships between Pakistan and the UK.


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